1. What is Home Deals and Steals?   Home Deals and Steals is the only site where you can can search, without registering and for FREE, all the best buying opportunities - all the Foreclosures, Short Sales and Bank-Owned homes in a city. PLUS, you’ll also have full access to the entire database of the MLS...including “new listings!” All our listings are active, current listings - all the time.

2. Can I really find ALL the homes?   Yes. We show everything! From the least expensive homes to the most expensive homes – we have them all! Other so-called “foreclosure” sites only show HUD homes. Because a HUD home is a result of a foreclosure on a FHA loan, they tend to be only the less expensive, lower income homes. We are different - we have them all!

3. Can you help us  find & and buy a great deal?   Yes. Our process is very simple. Find some homes you’re interested in, or would like to personally tour and one of our licensed real estate agents will help you. Or you can sign up for Find My Best Deal .  Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find it for you! Plus, you’ll be the first to know when new listings become available that fit your criteria. All our agents are Certified Distressed Property Experts, and as such, have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to handling all aspects of any distressed properties. We encourage you to search for your best deal and then call us.
4.  Will I get the "Attorney Review Services?"    Yes.  All of our buyers receive this benefit - at no cost - even if it's a traditionally listed home. It's important to have an experienced, knowledgable attorney review both your purchase offer and all the legally binding closing documents to guarantee that everything is in order and to protect your interests. 
5. Why buy a Foreclosure, Short Sale of Bank-Owned home?   Everybody wants the best deal! When a buyer buys a short sale, a foreclosure or a bank-owned home they find here, they’re assured of purchasing a home that is priced well below the comparative market analysis of all other homes in its competitive group. Typically these homes offer savings of between 10 - 50%, compared to other homes in the same area!

6. Will I get a clean title?   All properties that you’ll find here will be sold with a free-and-clear title. Additionally, when you purchase one of these homes using one of our agents, there will be no tenants to evict, no liens of any kind against the property and no past due taxes. 

7. Do I have to register?   No, you never have to register to look at all the Deals and Steals.

8. How much does it cost?   There is NO fee to search for Deals and Steals, nor for any of our agents to help you tour or buy one of the homes that you’ll find here.